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Silk Fiberglass DIY Nail Extensions

Silk Fiberglass DIY Nail Extensions

Stop paying $$$$ to have your nails done!


Wasting your money and time on easy-to-break & expensive acrylic nail extensions?


Fiberglass is our hottest item giving you the MOST NATURAL, LONG-LASTING NAIL EXTENSION!


These Silk Fiberglass DIY Nail Extensions easily extend your nails by transforming ultra-light silk fiberglass to durable but flexible fiber nails.


Each piece of fiberglass is enough for 5 nails and there at 10 x pieces per kit. Super cost-effective!


 ❤ Fiberglass VS. Acrylic? Traditional acrylic nail extension causes various problems - Easy to break because of low flexibility, damages nail bed, stops the growth of nails......But fiberglass is of high flexibility, and it is scratch-free, odorless and light enough to stick close to prevent lifting, popping off and catching at the nail edge.


❤ How long will it last? Generally the nail extension lasts ~30 days with proper nail care. Fiberglass is more flexible comparing with traditional acrylic nails/ soak off nails. So it is not easy to break or get scratched!


Please follow all instructions for best results.

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