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Dog Safety Travel Leash for Vehicles

Dog Safety Travel Leash for Vehicles

Safety: This professional safety leash helps keep your pet in place and prevent distractions.  Simply connect to your pets Collar or Harness and they are ready for safe travel.

This leash is not only suitable for dogs but can also be used for other pets.  The harness would simply need to be adjusted to the fit the size of the animal to ensure maximum safety.

This leash is made from high quality nylon to ensure durability and safety for you and your pet. We used solid metal buckles for extra durability!

This is an adjustable pet dog cat car seat belt. This pet belt has an adjustable strap, ensuring the comfort of your pet.

The pet car seat belt ensures your pet remains secure during travelling and allows safety for both the driver and the animal.

This pet belt is easily removed making it the perfect leash for your vehicle. 

Colour: Black
Material: Nylon
Collar size: 35 - 47.5cm
Seat belt size: 42.5 - 75cm
Package Contents:1 x Pet Seatbelt Leash


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