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Crazy Run Away Minion

Crazy Run Away Minion!!

Join in the Fun


This Crazy Run Away Minion is an exciting interactive toy that’s fun for the whole family.  It will bring hours of enjoyment to the kids, pets and yourself!  Whilst being a great way to exercise.


Watch as this Crazy Run Away Minion uses the infrared motion sensitive technology to detect nearby objects!  It is programmed to automatically move away from the object.  The Minion will stop when it encounters an obstacle, and speeds off again when someone gets close!


This exciting interactive toy is so easy to use.  Simply turn on and pat the top to activate.  When an object is detected it will begin a high speed runaway whilst lights flash and it makes Minion sounds.


When it has been inactive for a period of time it will automatically go into sleep mode.  Simply tap again to wake up and continue the fun.


Perfect for kids or pets that need a little extra exercise or simply something fun to chase around.



·         Size: 3 x 2 inch 



·         1 x Intelligent Escaping Toy

Not Recommended by Children Under 2 Yrs Old 

3 x AAA Batteries Required - Not Included