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Water Tap Sensor - #1 Water Saver!!

This is a must have Kitchen Aid!! - Water Tap Sensor

Do you sometimes wish you had a 3rd hand in the kitchen or the kids forget to turn the faucet off?

The Water Tap Sensor fits on most taps and includes 6 set of adaptors to meet your needs.

This sensor will help save water!

It is easy to assemble and install for your convenience.

The rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 3 Months and has the added benefit of being USB chargeable!!  Eliminating the need to buy new batteries.

It includes a water overflow protection with two sets of sensing areas and 0.25 second fast induction.

Water overflow protection.

First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Simple design style that adapts to various taps.

Comes with 6 sets of adaptors to meet everyone's needs.

Charges via USB, no need for batteries.

Bottom Sensor for Short-term Water Use

When the sensor detects motion near the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 10 cm), the water began to flow out.

When the motion is no longer sensed the water stops flowing out instantly.

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